As made clear in our name, “Peace Community Plan” is a company that embodies the development of the happy community. For that reason, we focus on the following four business areas.

Community invigoration Sustainable development
support for commercial facilities
Green event
CSR action plans
and strategies

Community invigoration

There has long been concern over the destruction of urban communities, such as the weakening of personal interaction and mutual support functions.
However, there are trends showing that the existence of a sense of community contributes to ease of living (safety, trust relationships), particularly in times of disasters. Thus in recent years, the need is increasing for a kind of community that is easy to participate in, different from the traditional territorial relations based community, and rather able to encompass diverse life styles. Given this situation, Peace Community Plan provides numerous solutions to help design human interaction in order to provide abundance across multiple levels based on interpersonal connections and increased added value to the community.

<Leading solutions>

  • Proposing mid to long term community revitalization plans
  • The planning and operation of events and club activities to develop bonds between residents
  • Workshop and opportunity development to bring out participant independence
  • Surveys and analysis of existing community revitalization conditions and declarations


Sustainable development support for commercial facilities

We provide everything from consulting to the implementation of specific measures and activities, such as supporting community development that encourages sustainable abundance, the introduction of systems that make commercial facilities themselves sustainable, and raising eco-mindedness of workers and users.

<Example menu>

  • Facility ecological factor improvement
    Adoption of a system to reuse used cooking oil etc.
  • Raise ecological awareness of working people
    Workshops for employees, preparing systems for sharing information etc.
  • Raise ecological awareness of users
    Planning and operating ecology class rooms, producing ecology art museums


Green event production

We plan and produce “ecology” and “green” themed events (exhibits, workshops) widely targeted to the general public. We also provide a variety of advice and support for general exhibits to add techniques to communicate ecological messages or provide people a place to connect such as on-site trash reduction systems or the introduction of organic food.

<Example menu>

  • Planning and production of “green” and “ecology” themed events (exhibits, workshops)
  • Ecological support for general exhibits


CSR action plans and strategies

We plan Corporate Social Responsibility action plans and strategies for companies based on a three to five year outlook. We engage with you to plan and operate your CSR activities from numerous angles, including corporate social responsibility activities appropriate to your company’s business domain, relationship development with community stakeholders, and the raising of in-house awareness.

<Example menu>

  • Planning and support of Corporate Social Responsibility activities appropriate to your business domain
  • Planning and operation of employee events and workshops to raise in-house awareness of corporate social responsibility
  • Planning and operation of stakeholder meetings to develop positive relationships with those stakeholders